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Company Culture
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Business scale

"DIY-LIGHT - one of the largest modernized lighting production companies in China", an excellent lighting culture communicator in the world, ten years of professional focus on the research and development, production and sales of stage lighting products, deep creation of "DIY-LIGHT "The internationally renowned lighting brand, from the development of family businesses to large-scale enterprises, has created a scale of business that is not what it used to be.




As a brand-name product in the world, DIY-LIGHT has been sold in more than 80 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Canada, Spain, etc. It has great influence in the global lighting industry, making it China has also established a good brand image and reputation. It has been highly praised by the Chinese government, organizations and users in various fields. It has been awarded: the comprehensive technical ability rating certificate of performing arts equipment engineering enterprises, the governing unit of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, China Guangdong Performing Arts Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce, China Entertainment Designers Association Lighting Professional Committee, Guangdong Performing Arts Equipment Industry Cluster Core Enterprise, Professional Lighting Award, High-tech Enterprise Certificate, AAA Stage Equipment Engineering Credit Demonstration Unit. Products have passed ISO quality system certification, European Community CE safety certification, the EU's most authoritative RoHS mandatory environmental certification.



Company culture

Corporate vision: create, share, share, and create optoelectronic performances.
 Corporate mission: Satisfy consumers, responsible for customers, employees, shareholders, corporate brands and society.
 The core values ​​of the company: Mingde, business, enterprising, and win-win.
 Management concept: humanity, performance, science, order.
 Market view: good market and quasi-positioning.
 Talent concept: Re-empowered and talented.
 Innovation concept: planning, integration, breakthrough, and improvement.
 Team view: gravity, force, and synergy.
 Five guides and three styles: customers, goals, figures, results, responsibilities; serious, fast, and keep promises.



Business Scope

DIY-LIGHT products include (1) Professional performing stage lighting (2) Entertainment lighting (3) Environmental lighting Three major areas. More than a dozen series, more than 400 kinds of lighting varieties, is the most complete variety of professional lighting in China and even the world. To undertake international OEM, ODM, OBM manufacturing, domestic collaborative engineering sales, design, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance, equipment leasing and technical support.

Looking to the future, in order to achieve a close and win-win cooperation relationship with Chinese partners as a resource sharing body, a community of interests, and a risk-sharing body, DIY-LIGHT is committed to "the overall solution of stage lighting solutions" and collaborative sales, fully grasping the mainstream of China's professional lighting market. , transforming technology research and development advantages, professional manufacturing advantages, and brand advantages into market advantages.